Berowra Climbing, 18/08/12

We rocked up to Berowra at the extremely civilised time of 11am on Saturday. The wind was blowing fairly strongly, and cut through clothes in a rather knifelike fashion.

Berowra is an interesting place to climb. It’s extremely dependant on the weather; a small shower will have the walls acting as waterfalls (and I have seen the entire wall a mass of pouring water before), and because of this, a whole lot of grit gets washed down onto the holds anew each time.

This debris-dumping aside, it’s rather chossy sandstone, and some of the climbs probably need re-grading, as the introductory moves have worn away from almost-mantle to slopey slapper.

There are a few fun practice trad climbs there, but on the whole it has bolts. Normally I don’t mind the area, but today, I found that I hated it with a passion.

More specifically, I hated my climbing there with a passion. Clearly I’ve been spending too much time doing easy vertical walls and slabs both at the gym and out at places like Tarana (the Gecko God of Climbing’s Own Country), and not enough on overhanging walls, because I felt like I had forgotten how to move in an off-angle, sustained manner, especially on horrible sandy surfaces ridged with ironstone.

It was infuriating, and not just because I sucked by my own standards, but because I was looking at my climbing buddies, who are normally far more awesome than me regardless, and going, “Damnit, why aren’t I doing at least a tenth as well?”

Climbing induced frustrations aside, it was lovely to get out in the intermittent sunshine, belay D up a total dog of a 24 (21/08 editted: not a 21) (high mantle start, evil), and watch T2 and one of the M&M’s show me how climbing on crazy things is done, even to the lobbing off section. A fair crowd of enthusiastic peeps were on show, and were kind enough to lend some of their beta to the better endeavors.

After simmering down on the drive home, I had to admit my failure to perform is definitely because I have not been pushing myself in training where and how it counts. I’ve got a whole basketful of wonderful excuses for why this is so… however, who cares? I’m the only one suffering because of this laziness and lack of self-discipline, and the solution is simple: Pull Out Thy Finger, and Jump On Hard Walls. Also, Thou Must Go To the Gym and Work Out in Non-Climbing Ways, Oh Thou Slacker, Thou.


About K.L. Webber

K.L. is a reading, writing, photography and rock-climbing enthusiast, who is enjoying as many facets as possible of eudaimonia, or the good life. It may involve finally making a successful sauerkraut. Until K.L. is able to get a dog, the main form of pet interaction is taking their mountain bike out for cycles. Check out more of K.L.'s work at:
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4 Responses to Berowra Climbing, 18/08/12

  1. Nice and honest. The solution is simple (hard work), but that doesn’t make it any easier! Good luck. Keep climbing and writing.

  2. Apostle of the Gekko says:

    Your resolution to train harder nad get better is excellent but don’t injure yourself training just because you had an off day. I’ve seen you climb plenty awesome recently.

    P.S> it was a horrible grade 24 mantle

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