Rest Day, Grampians 

Arapiles – day 5

In keeping with many climbing “rest days”, our rest day was not about relaxation. Rather, it’s a chance to let one’s fingers recover, while exercising the “rest” of the body. 

After breakfast, we hopped in the car, piloted by Speedy, and headed for the Grampians, another major climbing area, albeit inferior to Araps (sports climbers’ opinions may differ). There was some trouble in paradise between the two backseat navigators, D and myself, but claypot roads aside, we eventually parked safely in the Mount Zero car park. Our destination: Hollow Mountain Cave.

Detour first to Summer Day Valley, where the beautiful fluted cliffs were clotted with the overflow of school outdoor education groups. It’s lacking in altruism, but when I’m being an entitled tourist on my one climbing holiday of the year, I really want the blasted infants to vanish. Begone! Vamoose! Exeunt, pursued by a bear!! Get off my rock!!!

Seeing a group of nine or so kids waiting in a clump to abseil did give us a chuckle as we ascended out of the valley and towards the mountain top. 

We’ve climbed in the Grampians on previous trips, and never made it to the cave at the top of the mountain, so it’s something of a cherished goal. I quite like the Grampians themselves: they slump at beautiful angles, and the view from above is like someone sketched out a crazy labyrinth of cliffs just for climbers. 

Hollow Mountain Cave was not as impressive as we’d hoped, though the view from the summit across to Tiger Snake Wall and out to the further stretches of the range is lovely. 

Stopped by a cafe in Horsham on our way home. D ordered a cake that we promptly called “The Destroyer”. I’ve never seen something so rich and inedible. Update: two days later he is still eating the thing. One slice. Good value for money. 

Climbed in the afternoon at Pilot Error Wall:

Mesa (D and I)

Neta (D and I)

Tarzan (Speedy and D)

Pilot Error (Speedy)

Only Triumphant stuck to her guns about rest days meaning no climbing. Good on her!


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